by Stan Berenstain & Jan Berenstain

Join the Berenstain Bears to learn about healthy eating and the food pyramid (MyPlate). 

Students discuss favorite foods and physical activities. Students examine the food pyramid (Note: Since this session plan was developed, the USDA has replaced the Food Guide Pyramid with MyPlate.

MyPlate is online at and talk about kinds of foods in each section, then compare with their diet. Pictures of food are matched to the appropriate sections.

Random House Books, ©1981

Session plan: After reading the book together, talk about the student’s favorite foods and yours. Where do they fit in MyPlate? Are there better choices? Talk about the foods in each segment of MyPlate.

Two completed pyramids are included, as well as a blank pyramid for the student to fill in with their diet, which can be replace with MyPlate. A background discussion on getting and staying healthy is included.

Download the session plan: GettingandStayingHealthyDoctor