Life expectancy today is at almost 79 years of age. By the time we turn 50, we’re already well into the second half of our life … which as those of us already there know, is VERY different than the first half! Different … not doomsday. 

Are we aging successfully? Our bodies are older, but our spirits are wiser. There’s no reason to not enjoy these golden years, it’s just a matter of perspective. 

Norman Molesko, a friend of Oasis and author of two books on the topic, understands what it means to age successfully. From his book of poems, Retiring and Senior Living, Experiencing the Second Half of Life*, Norm reflects on his life as he continues to progress in it, in “Quality of Life”

A gentle sentimental guy am I.
I go through life transitions.
I leave unpleasant things behind.
I take the high road.

I don’t reflect about what if.
I keep progressing to who I am.
What really counts nowadays
Is peace of mind most of the time.  
As Norm navigates his retirement years, he relishes what’s ahead, as noted in “Chances Are:”

Each minute, each day, each year,
an opportunity may appear.
Some will ripen.
Some will wither away.
I‘ll look for one today. 
So whether you’ve just turned 50 or are already in your 80s like Norm, you can age successfully—and here are three things you can do to get started: 
  • Get involved in your community
  • Participate in your healthcare
  • Be a lifelong learner 
Not sure where to begin? That’s why Oasis is here … discover YOUR life after 50, and check out programs available to you.
*Interested in reading more of Norm’s work? His Second Half book and new book Heart Attack! Then What? are both available through, and