Sam Donaldson speaking at Albuquerque Oasis

He’s a voice you know.

Retired ABC news correspondent Sam Donaldson knows about Oasis. Donaldson is enjoying retirement in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and has presented classes at Oasis about current issues in the U.S. It has not gone unnoticed.

Donaldson first spoke in May 2016 to a capacity crowd of 125 people, with a waiting list of just as many. His captivating style and warmth made him an instant hit.

He returned in the fall to speak about “Covering the Candidates.” During his 53 years as a Washington reporter, Donaldson covered Presidents Carter, Reagan and Clinton, and saw close up how campaign promises fall apart when faced with the reality of governing.

After the presentation, he stayed and talked with many Oasis members who told him how much they appreciated hearing his fascinating stories.

Helping to spread the word about Oasis

Sam Donaldson in the studio at KBQI AlbuquerqueSam is also about giving back. He agreed to lend his voice and his enthusiasm to record public service announcements for Oasis that can be heard on radio stations in Oasis cities across the country.

The PSAs describe the opportunities Oasis offers for people to keep learning, stay active and give back throughout their lives.

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