The banquet table was overflowing with delectable food samples from the deli department in the grocery store. It was the yearly sampling event, the perfect opportunity to try a variety of tasty tidbits.
Two young women, fresh from their workout at the gym, approached the table. It was lunchtime and the woman in pink had a look of anticipation on her face while the woman in green lagged behind her friend, a frown marring her appearance.
Miss Pink requested the full plate, which included small samples of BBQ beef, mashed potatoes, and two different pasta salads while Miss Green declined to try anything. When Miss Pink encouraged her friend to try the mashed potatoes, Miss Green angrily accused her of trying to ruin her diet. She hadn’t eaten all day and if she ate anything now she would just get hungry and binge when she went home.
One of the habits causing bad food choices is skipping meals, particularly breakfast. The human body needs energy and nutrients to start the day, which makes breakfast the most important meal of the day.
Had Miss Green begun her day with breakfast, she could have enjoyed her trip to the grocery store. Instead, her hunger caused stress for her and her friend, who bore the brunt of her anger.
BreakfastSimple changes to encourage eating breakfast include:
  • Setting the alarm 15 minutes earlier to give you time to eat
  • Decide what you are going to eat for breakfast the night before
  • Cut up fresh fruit the night before to top your pancakes or cereal
If you don’t have time to cook or eat breakfast at home, always have a tote bag by the door filled with nonperishable foods such as granola bars, cereal, or shelf stable muffins. Take the tote with you whenever you leave home. This will help keep your busy lifestyle from having a negative impact on your meals.
Stop letting your mind overrule your body’s common sense. Experience the bounty of life when you use your brainpower, fueled by breakfast, to make simple yet effective lifestyle changes.