by David Packard (The Ball Game)

     Stan Berenstain & Jan Berenstain

                               (The Berenstain Bears Go Out for the Team)

     Nancy Carlson (Bunnies and Their Sports)


     Sue Stops (Dulcie Dando, Soccer Star)



Explore sports emotions using a newspaper or book. Role-play interviewing the person in the picture! 

From newspaper sports section photos, students try to judge the feelings of participants. Student develops questions for the sports figure then role-plays an interview. Play a sports related matching word game.

Scholastic, ©2003 ("The Ball Game")

Session plan: Tutor brings a photograph or book to the session that shows the “thrill of victory” or “agony of defeat” type emotion.

After discussing the subject of the photograph – what emotions is the person feeling, what questions would they like to ask them etc., make an aluminum foil microphone or something similar and have the student interview you as the subject of the photo or you can reverse roles.

Discuss the sports equipment noted in the photo. There are four books listed that can be used as adjuncts to the session, perhaps using one to read together.

Download the session plan: Sportsunit(nobook)