Marcia KerzOasis is committed to changing lives for the better. We continually look for ways to offer educational programs that demonstrate positive impact in people’s lives.
Over time we have found that there are some common elements for these programs to be effective. People need to practice new skills to feel confident in new roles. They thrive in an atmosphere where they can get support and encouragement from their peers. And by measuring results, we and our participants can better understand what works.
Video: How Oasis learners and peer leaders develop effective skills that lead to positive outcomes.
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When you have an approach that you know is working, you want to share it so more people can benefit. So it’s a thrill to be recognized nationally for this important work. On March 12 Oasis is receiving the American Society on Aging’s Gloria Cavanaugh Award for Excellence in Training and Education.
This is a great time to consider what “excellence in education” looks like at Oasis. We can see it in our outcomes. Just a few examples:
  • Teachers report that 90% of students who worked with an Oasis tutor improved their academic performance.
  • Multiple studies show that participation in the Chronic Disease Self-Management program reduces emergency room visits, reduces healthcare expenditures, and improves health status.
  • 88% of volunteers and 62% of children in CATCH Healthy Habits have met the CDC recommendations for physical activity. Both groups are eating more fruits and vegetables, reading more food labels and cutting down on "screen time."
By partnering with community organizations, we are able to bring these opportunities to a broad and diverse audience. Foundations, school districts, libraries, senior centers, health providers, social service agencies, educational institutions and businesses have all played important roles in multiplying the impact of these programs to change lives.
We would love to share more from our partners about what this impact means in your communities. What does excellence in education and training look like for you?