Studies show that volunteering is on the rise. More than 61 million Americans volunteer. Our efforts help people in need, as well as improve our communities. Volunteering can also have health benefits.

Cindy BlairVolunteers feel a sense of accomplishment. For older adults, volunteering can lead to lower rates of depression and increased longevity. Research suggests that those who volunteer two hours a week or more have the greatest benefits.

There are numerous volunteer opportunities with Oasis. I work with the Exerstart program, teaching low-impact exercises. My husband and I are part of a pilot program called Catch Healthy Habits for Adults, a nutrition and exercise class. We are giving back to the community, as well as having fun!

Oasis volunteers donate more than 500,000 hours of service every year. Find out how you can join us!

  • Help a child learn to love reading by volunteering with the Oasis Intergenerational Tutoring program.
  • Fight obesity and encourage healthy lifestyles for kids through CATCH Healthy Habits.
  • Teach Connections computer classes.
  • Share your expertise and enthusiasm as a volunteer instructor.
  • Help in the Oasis centers, update computer records or greet participants.
  • Work with a team to help plan educational programs.

Through our volunteering, we have learned, laughed, and met amazing, caring people. Join the Oasis volunteer community and experience the joy of giving.