What is fitness and why do we need it?
Fitness or “the quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task,” is important for the athlete and non-athlete alike. Athletes dedicate themselves to a training regimen in order to achieve goals in their professional careers. Their fitness is crucial to success in their chosen field.
Older Adult On Exercise MachinesFor the non-athlete, what “particular task” is important enough to create an exercise routine?
It is simply the task of daily living. Activities of daily living (ADL), also known as basic self-care tasks, are a vital component of an independent lifestyle. Basic ADL include putting on clothes, bathing, walking and grooming. Skills that are more complex include driving, shopping, preparing meals, managing medications, housework and finances.
To maintain the strength and flexibility to manage daily tasks, a fitness routine is important. For those who are physically inactive, this loss of strength can have a negative effect on the enjoyment of their daily lives.
Four areas in exercise are important for staying healthy. These include strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. Research has suggested that exercise can maintain or partly restore these four areas. The fear that starting an exercise program would be too strenuous or harmful keeps many from considering improving their fitness. To address these concerns, always consult your healthcare professional about the level of exercise that is appropriate for your current health condition.
If you are cleared for exercise, begin your journey at the OASIS web site. The online catalog has an assortment of exercise classes for beginners. Below is a partial list of available classes.
  • Chair Yoga – Improve balance, perfect for beginners or those who would prefer not to sit on the floor
  • Pilates 50+ – Strength and tone core muscles, increase flexibility and improve posture
  • Better Balance – The mind, senses, and body will be progressively challenged to maintain and improve your balance, strength and flexibility
Fitness is not a top-secret skill, known only to athletes. It is available to everyone, regardless of age. Sign up now for a class and improve your ability to manage the activities of daily living.