Zoom Meetings to require Passcodes or Waiting Rooms

Zoom Video - Editorial Use Only

Zoom has just announced some changes that will affect anyone scheduling Zoom Meetings on a paid account. These changes were made to enhance security but will affect how Zoom Meetings are scheduled in the future.

The bottom line is that, after July 19, all Zoom Meetings will require either a Passcode or a Waiting Room to be enabled. Notice that Zoom is now calling what used to be known as passwords Passcodes.

If you don’t choose to enable a Passcode, Zoom will automatically enable the Waiting Room. If a Passcodes is enabled, the Passcode will automatically be embedded in Meeting links.

This will automatically change any Meetings you have already scheduled after July 19. If you choose to enable a Passcode, you may have to resend the meeting invitation.

These changes only apply to Meetings, not Webinars. But expect more changes as Zoom continues to evolve. For more information  read the FAQ.

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Ken Charvoz CPACC