Robert Burns

Robert Burns

Author of A Long Way Home: From Sweden to Cedar home, A Trail of Tears and Triumph

Robert covered the U.S. military for most of the period since 1990, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan throughout the period of U.S. involvement. He has covered 10 secretaries of defense starting with Dick Cheney, the re-election campaigns of President George H.W. Bush in 1992 and President Bill Clinton in 1996, and the Clinton White House. Winner of AP Gramling Journalism Award 2013.

His self-published book, A Long Way Home: From Sweden to Cedarhome, a trail of tears and triumph takes place amid personal turmoil and wretched economic conditions in Sweden, Johan and Anna left for America in 1867. As peasant farmers with five children, they were willing to give up the familiar at home for the unseen abroad, to abandon the poverty they had inherited for a prosperity they hoped to find on their own. They sought a future, not a fortune, and the search took them on a 33-year odyssey across rural America, from Minnesota to west-central Iowa and northeast Nebraska, and finally to the shores of Puget Sound. Along the way, they faced disease, death and disappointments in a 19th century rural America unfamiliar to today’s generation. Their odyssey offers timeless lessons in the value of family cohesion and the meaning of home.


A Long Way Home-From Sweden to Cedarhome

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Do you have a great idea for a book and are interested in getting it published? It’s not as hard or expensive as you might think. Learn how a first-time author successfully navigated the self-publishing process. Robert Burns the author of A Long Way Home: From Sweden to Cedarhome, a trail of tears and triumph shares his secrets for moving your wonderful idea to a published book.