Petr Kucheryavyy

Petr Kucheryavyy

Instructor, User Experience Expert, Wellness Coach, Older Adult Advocate

Born in Ukraine, just two months prior to the nuclear power plant explosion of Chernobyl, Petr discovered that he was actively losing his vision at age 9, shortly after his family immigrated to the United States. By age 10, Petr was declared legally blind and continued to lose his sight, losing access to class material and prospects of academic or social success. Petr eventually took up jobs in the construction industry after dropping out of school due to his inability to read printed text. This arrangement was undoubtedly less than ideal and became very unsafe as time went on.

Determined to go beyond the apparent limitations, Petr was able to find the resources and training that would open a path of opportunity in education and a dynamic career adventure. This career journey began with his work in hospice care, after which he went on to teach “It’s Your Health”, an innovative approach to health and wellness at Emory University, his alma mater. He later went on to complete his Wellness Coaching Certification with Wellcoaches Corporation and worked with clients to transform their approach to health and wellness.

Petr’s passion to ensure equal access for people with disabilities also became a great part of his life and lead him to the work he did at the Colorado Center for the Blind in a number of rehabilitation and training roles in their adult and senior programs. Additionally, he was inspired to co-found Socially Accessible, a consulting agency that works with businesses to incorporate diversity/inclusion and “Universal Design” practices in both their hiring process and in the way they service their customers. His commitment to accessibility brought Petr to Charter Communications, where he is currently building accessible employee and customer experiences as Senior Accessibility Manager.

Petr’s true love and passion is to inspire transformational thinking that leads to positive health and desirable behavior outcomes, which has landed him on stages across the US in schools, corporate settings and conferences, sharing a message of empowerment and transformational thinking.