What is Oasis?

Getting Older, Growing Stronger

A pioneer in healthy aging for more than 35 years, Oasis has helped thousands of older adults across the country satisfy their curiosity, take charge of their health and discover the joy of giving back to their communities. Since 2000, more than 389,000 adults have been impacted by Oasis programs.

Oasis empowers thousands of older adults nationwide to pursue healthy, productive and meaningful lives. Oasis programs reach a broad audience in more than 250 communities through nine education centers and a national network of over 700 partners in 22 states.

Active Lifestyles

Taking charge of health

More than 3,560 health and wellness classes are offered nationwide each year.

Evidence-based programs for falls prevention, chronic disease self-management and peer-led discussion groups

Exercise, fitness and wellness classes

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning

Connections Technology

Internet Safety

Current Events

History and Literature

Art and Entertainment


Satisfying curiosity through lifelong learning

More than 24,000 adults nationwide take over 5,500 lifelong learning classes each year.

Locally-developed classes in the arts and humanities

Award-winning technology training with the Oasis Connections Program

Volunteer Engagement

Giving back to our communities

More than 6,000 older adults volunteer with Oasis nationwide each year.

Oasis Intergenerational Tutoring

Class instructors, peer leaders and Oasis center operations

Mary Tate - Mastering Aging in San Antonio

Adults today are living much longer than previous generations, so how do we make the most of these extra years? Since 2018, The Oasis Institute has been engaging older adults in St. Louis, Indianapolis, and San Antonio through the Aging Mastery Program® (AMP), developed by the National Council on Aging. This 10-class program aims to help older

Browsing the Internet with Internet Explorer

If you are still using Microsoft's classic web browser, Internet Explorer, you are at risk. Microsoft has published a security advisory addressing a vulnerability that is currently being exploited and affects anyone using the older Microsoft browser, Internet Explorer. According to Microsoft, the bug (ADV200001 | Microsoft Guidance on Scripting Engine Memory Corruption Vulnerability) which is listed

El tutoring a child

Now, more than ever, having someone who cares enough to show up for a child who needs them is vitally important.  Oasis tutors are doing this every day in local schools, helping to guide children who need it towards a better future for themselves.  While their tangible impact can be measured in grades and achievements, their true success
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Oasis Tri Fold Approach 10-9-2019

Oasis promotes healthy aging through lifelong learning, active lifestyles and volunteer engagement.

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