Lifelong Learning. Volunteer Engagement. Healthy Lifestyles.

A pioneer in healthy aging for more than 35 years, Oasis has helped thousands of older adults across the country satisfy their curiosity, take charge of their health and discover the joy of giving back to their communities.

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Wondering how to avoid catfishing and romance scams?  Read our blog and watch a video to learn warning signs that can save you from heartache and outright theft.

Healthy and Active

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Recently proven principles, if practiced, support healthy brain aging and reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Volunteer Engagement

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When an Oasis tutor spends one-on-one time with a child, the results are lasting for both generations.

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Oasis Tri Fold Approach 10-9-2019

Oasis promotes healthy aging through lifelong learning, active lifestyles and volunteer engagement.

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