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    Being the new kid on the workplace block–at 57

    I am grateful to have found a job that I actually want to go to everyday.  Let me rephrase that:  I am thankful that I have been afforded the opportunity to enjoy what I do to earn a living.

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    Changing the face of aging with Oasis

    Participants from across the Oasis network are learning new things, taking charge of their wellness and embracing opportunities to have an impact on their communities.

  • The Caregiving Dilemma: When Family Support is not an Option

    Family caregiving has long been the cornerstone of our healthcare system, but not everyone has that option.

  • In 2019, Americans over 60 will outnumber those under 18

    America is becoming an older nation. Does that worry you?

    For a country that’s always thought of itself as young, the statistics are a shock to the system! We’re now a more-old-than-young society and with that comes the fear of scarcity, isolation, cost and conflict. What will it take to remove the barriers and bring the generations together? What’s standing in the way of closer ties between older and younger generations?

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Oasis Tri Fold Approach 10-9-2019

Oasis promotes healthy aging through lifelong learning, active lifestyles and volunteer engagement.

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