What is Oasis?

Oasis is an organization with a purpose to serve older adults through lifelong learning, health, and volunteering.

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What is Oasis?

Oasis is an organization with a purpose to serve older adults through lifelong learning, health, and volunteering.

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Health & Wellness

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  • More than 3,560 health and wellness classes are offered nationwide each year.
  • Evidence-based programs for falls prevention, chronic disease self-management and peer-led discussion groups
  • Exercise, fitness and wellness classes

Lifelong Learning

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  • More than 24,000 adults nationwide take over 5,500 lifelong learning classes each year.
  • Locally-developed classes in the arts and humanities
  • Award-winning technology training with the Oasis Connections Program

Volunteer Engagement

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  • More than 6,000 older adults volunteer with Oasis nationwide each year.
  • Oasis Intergenerational Tutoring
  • Class instructors, peer leaders and Oasis center operations

Getting Older, Growing Stronger

A pioneer in healthy aging for more than 35 years, Oasis has helped thousands of older adults across the country satisfy their curiosity, take charge of their health and discover the joy of giving back to their communities. Since 2000, more than 389,000 adults have been impacted by Oasis programs.

Oasis programs reach a broad audience in more than 250 communities through nine education centers and a national network of over 700 partners in 22 states. In 2020, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Oasis launched an interactive online platform that allows seniors and older adults to take an Oasis class from anywhere through Oasis Everywhere.

Oasis Everywhere doesn’t replace your in-person and online classes offered by your local center. Oasis Everywhere gives you more options to take virtual online classes with top instructors and presenters from Oasis centers from around the country without geographic and physical limitations. Learn more about Oasis Everywhere.

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  • Linda

Lifelong Learning Virtual Classes Impact Lives

Lifelong Learning Virtual Classes Impact Lives Oasis participant, Linda from Santa Monica, CA shares her love of taking virtual classes through Oasis Everywhere We often receive unsolicited emails from Oasis participants sharing their gratitude for and enjoyment of Oasis classes. This one in particular from Linda really stood out and we felt compelled to share her

  • Kristin Stock using music therapy

Music Therapy and Medicine

Music Therapy and Medicine By Oasis Health Team Member, Kristin Stock My connection to medicine began with music therapy, and this led me on a path to interaction with patients that differs from the experiences of many others in healthcare. When I entered hospitals, nursing facilities, and rehabilitation centers with my drum, mallets, and guitar, I was

  • Cybersecurity month

Take our FREE Cybersecurity Course

Learn how cybercriminals work and how to avoid their tricks The Oasis Connections program has been helping people stay safe on the internet since 2004. The Oasis Connections Guide to Online Safety is an interactive course with more than an hour of content to help people learn how to be as safe as can be on

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Oasis Tutors as Mentors

Oasis Tutors as Mentors Tutoring, Mentoring, & Relationship Building The Oasis Intergenerational Tutoring Program is more than a tutoring program—it encompasses the components of tutoring, mentoring, and relationship building. Our Oasis volunteers serve many roles—as tutors, friends, and mentors—and they all depend on building a positive and supporting relationship with their students. The mentorship benefits both the mentor

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Oasis Tri Fold Approach 10-9-2019

Oasis promotes healthy aging through lifelong learning, active lifestyles and volunteer engagement.

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