Ronnie SingerRonnie Singer participates in a variety of Oasis classes at Washington Metro Oasis including two fitness classes a week: Cardio Dance and Total Body Workout.

“The instructor is peppy and zesty—she really makes the workout fun.”

There have been other pleasant surprises as well. Singer’s class is usually maxed out at about 30 participants. The vitality and well-being she experiences from these workouts are uplifting.

“When I was still working full time it was hard to work out regularly on a consistent basis. I was active but not like I am today. With more flexibility in my schedule I enjoy a leisurely morning and am totally awake and have had a good breakfast by the time I work out at 10:30. I love that I feel so much better.”

New Fitbit offers motivation and reinforcement for healthy changes

Singer had been considering the purchase of a Fitbit but she wondered if it would really improve her exercise routine. She was the winner of a Fitbit donated by AT&T during her Total Body Workout class earlier this year. A Fitbit is a wearable device that contains a 3D motion sensor which accurately tracks your calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled and sleep quality.

Totally Body Work Out Class Participants

“The Fitbit motivates me to get in more steps.  Plus now that I wear the device each day, there has been an increase in my cardio activity daily, usually through walking more.  Before wearing the Fitbit, I exercised fewer days each week.  I really like the reinforcement to track my progress throughout each day as well.  I will even march in my living room at night if I haven’t made my 10,000 steps!”

When Singer isn’t exercising she is an avid reader and Mac user; pursues lifelong learning opportunities at Oasis and other locations; and enjoys cultural activities, attending Broadway shows and travels extensively.

Ronnie Singer is one of nearly 6,000 people to take an Oasis Fitness class in the last year. This Senior Health and Fitness Day get your workout reinvigorated with Oasis.