The day was long, difficult and my patience was sorely tried. Walking out the door, I left the business day behind but irritation was my companion on the drive home. My "companion" muttered that I deserved a treat, just look at the stress I had endured.
Visions of tasty delicacies danced in my head. It would only take a quick stop at the store to indulge the voice of stress. After all, I deserved it.
Stress EatingI made the mad dash into the store for that fat-laden, sugar-rich, high-cholesterol, sodium-laced goody. It took only moments to indulge myself. I should have felt wonderful as all the stress of the day slid off my shoulders.
Unfortunately, the reality was that the stress I was trying to dissipate never left. My shoulder muscles still ached, my head hurt and now I had added guilt to the emotional cocktail that I was mixing. Obviously, it was time to take a hard look at my decision.
What do I truly deserve? I deserve to feel good about myself emotionally, mentally and physically. Since turning to food in times of stress was my worst habit it was time to develop a positive habit to replace it.
It began as baby steps. To the uninitiated, the changes were almost imperceptible yet every action I took made me feel better about myself. Number one on the list below was my first step on the road to the “feeling good” lifestyle I deserved.
A list of enjoyable ways to treat yourself and reduce stress:
  1. Always have a small portion of a favorite snack with you to lessen overindulgence.
  2. Take an Oasis class, learning and socializing is a fantastic stress reducer
  3. Treat yourself to a movie, at home or at the cinema.
  4. Get a massage or a new haircut.
  5. Take a brisk walk around the neighborhood or at the local mall.
  6. Practice yoga breathing exercises, search for videos on breathing techniques.
Years have passed since that fateful day; I have achieved a more peaceful perspective on life with my stress reduction techniques.
Simple actions to reduce poor choices due to stress are the most effective way to incorporate a healthy change into your life. Stress may be inevitable but it is manageable. Start today on the road to your “feeling good” lifestyle.
Some resources for the road to a "feeling good" lifestyle!