Older Adult With GardenLike the rest of the country, Indiana had a harsh, long winter filled with record-breaking snow falls and low temperatures triggered by the Polar Vortex. But now spring is upon us and that bitter weather is a distant memory. Early spring has brought green grass, colorful flowers and a desire to get out of the house.
Spring time offers many opportunities to be active and engage in outside activities that you find rewarding. There’s something for everyone! Here's just a few:
  • Gardening is my go-to hobby, since it’s one of the few hobbies that allow you to eat all the fresh veggies you can grow. Your garden spot can be small or large, or you can use containers to plant just a few plants in limited spaces such as apartments or condos. You can even branch out and grow berries, sunflowers or asparagus. The best part about gardening is growing too much and sharing all that fresh food with friends, family and co-workers.
  • Older Male Adults WalkingWalking is another easy activity that will allow you to get outside and exercise at your own pace. The great thing about walking is it’s free, can be done at a time that fits your schedule, and you can invite friends along to make it a social gathering. You can include walking into your normal duties, such as going to the library or attending a church service, to make the most out of your personal time.
  • Volunteering for Oasis can definitely be an opportunity to stay fit and active. Volunteering is a meaningful way to do something in your community, meet new people and learn new skills. Plus you can volunteer to work on something you’re passionate about and your work will have a huge impact in your community.
These are just a few ideas for a new spring hobby and there are thousands of other things you can do to stay active.Consider other thoughts and find a new hobby that makes you happy! Here are other resources to help you find a new healthy activity: