Title: Project Coordinator – Full Time

Organization: Oasis Institute

Schedule: Full Time with full benefits

Organizational Relationship:

Reports to: Supervisor National Health Projects/Community Care Corps Project Manager

Coordinates with: Oasis staff and members of the Community Care Corps Leadership Team

Essential Functions:

  1. Coordinate, support and evaluate Community Care Corps grantees.
  2. Develop and maintain strong relationships with national applicants, grantees, and partners;
  3. Assist in providing technical assistance to grantees as needed for model development, implementation, and management;
    1. Volunteer recruitment, engagement, and retention;
    2. Volunteer background checks;
  • Quarterly financial and outputs reporting;
  1. Pre- and post- survey data collection;
  2. Local model adaptation and modification.
  1. Obtain, review, and record grantee reports;
  2. Assist with quarterly reporting analysis, and grantee reimbursement;
  3. Organize and maintain grantee files;
  4. Assist in scheduling and conducting grantee site visits to ensure model effectiveness and impact on the local community it serves;
  5. Ensure that local model data are collected and recorded for analysis;
  6. Assist to develop and manage timelines and deliverables.
  7. Assist with development and dissemination of the annual Request for Proposals (RFP);
  8. Assist with the evaluation of applications and selection process for new grantees;
  9. Assist with planning and scheduling of and participate in monthly grantee calls, grantee site visits, leadership team meetings, fiscal monitoring calls;
  10. Assist in the development of replication toolkits for selected local models;
  11. Ensure fidelity of data collection across applicable all Community Care Corps grantees;
  12. Support caregiving advocacy, policy, and environmental change initiatives, programs, and projects;
  13. Coordinate with the Community Care Corps Leadership Team to assist in promoting local models and Community Care Corps initiatives;
  14. Complete other duties and participate in meetings as requested.



  1. Bachelor’s degree in public health, health science, social work, social science, public policy, aging services, or related field;
  2. Experience working with community organizations;
  3. Experience with program planning, implementation, and evaluation;
  4. Intermediate written, verbal and problem-solving skills;
  5. Intermediate organizational and time management skills, including the ability to manage multiple priorities;
  6. Intermediate Microsoft Office skills.


  1. Master’s degree;
  2. Experience as a participant and facilitator of committees, coalitions, or networks;
  3. Experience working with adults, adults with disabilities, and family caregivers in community settings;
  4. Experience working with underserved, under-resourced, or vulnerable communities;
  5. Experience working with volunteers.
  6. At least two years of full-time equivalent professional experience in grant writing, implementation, and management;

To Apply:
Please visit https://bjc.jibeapply.com/jobs/31023?lang=en-us to apply.