Something to talk about with someone who cares

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“The best way to release feelings is to open up and talk about it," says Brenda Kirkland, who loves her role as a volunteer facilitator with the Oasis Peers for Productive Aging program in Indianapolis. 




Making smart phones and tablets more kind and friendly

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 "I no longer have to rely on my reading glasses to see text messages on my new phone," says Kathy Eckrich, who got help by taking a Connections class, “Better Seeing and Better Hearing with Smart Phone and Tablets."

Fraud prevention works best with a little help from our friends

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“We’ve all had one kind of experience or another, an attempt at fraud that we recognized for what it was,” says Dick Waits. Dick was a facilitator for a pilot project aimed at helping older adults stop scammers.

Top-notch teachers and engaged learners discover together

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“It’s interesting to see students realize that their presence benefits others in the room,” says Peter Bolland, an instructor who appreciates a classroom of engaged learners.

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