Jumpstart your fitness plan with a personal trainer

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September is National Go4Life Month, a perfect time to amp up your physical activity. Need help getting started or changing it up? Here are some tips for finding a personal trainer plus other free or low-cost resources.

Aging in a Healthy Way

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The 2014 Oasis Annual Report features inspiring people who know that their work in the world counts— like Hoagy Carmichael, Laura Moreno, Ava Bush and El Douglas. By participating in our national programs, they demonstrate loud and clear that they want less focus on limitations and more on opportunities.

Annette Guisbond has people talking about the “State of the Union”

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Annette Guisbond started a conversation back in 2008 that was so interesting that people keep coming back to Syracuse Oasis for more. “The State of the Union” series covers timely, informative topics, featuring local experts from the media, politics and scholars.

Like many caregivers, Nate Berger appreciates knowing he’s not alone

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Dr. Nate Berger has been caregiver to his wife Nancy for 28 years and like many in his position, recognizes that he can’t do it alone.  Thanks to a new Caregiver Support Group in the Washington Metro Oasis, he doesn't have to.

Ava Bush shares her positive approach to living with diabetes

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Ava Bush helps others at Indianapolis Oasis realize that managing diabetes is just part of what they must do to be healthy. She’s learning strategies, too, thanks to a program that teaches self-management skills for people with the condition.


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