Setting the table for children’s health

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The first-ever summit of the Partnership for a Healthier America in late November shined a light on one of the most pressing public health problems in our country: childhood obesity.
Our participation in the conversations at the summit gave us good insights on the role Oasis can play in this crisis. Through our intergenerational experience and partnerships, we can bring a powerful resource: the experience and commitment of thousands of volunteers who care about kids.

Fitness over 50

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Fitness among older adults is a critical issue today. Chronic illnesses caused by inactivity and obesity will be a huge driver of health care costs and reduced quality of life as the baby boomer generation ages. Fitness programs that are proven to work for adults over 50 are a great solution because they help people get and stay physically active, without fear.
This topic was among the issues that Oasis presented on at the Gerontological Society of America’s (GSA) 2011 annual conference.

Staying healthy was never more important

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The news coming out of Washington and Wall Street these days is certainly troubling. One way or another, big cuts are coming in the federal budget, and tighter restrictions on programs like Medicare are probably inevitable. At the same time, the lack of a clear strategy regarding our nation’s debt has sent stocks tumbling, further eating into the life savings of many individuals and families.

Life as a 50-plus adult

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Are we aging successfully? Norman Molesko, a friend of Oasis and author of two books on the topic, understands what it means to age successfully. From his book of poems, Retiring and Senior Living, Experiencing the Second Half of Life*, Norm reflects on his life as he continues to progress in it, in “Quality of Life."

What are you doing to get healthy?

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The Healthy People 2020 goals aim to improve our nation’s health -  a pretty tall order. Oasis is dedicated to helping people achieve their own goals, and keep those healthy resolutions for 2011. If you haven’t figured out yet what you want to do to get healthier this year, here’s a quick five options from Oasis.


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