The power of positive thinking

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“Only those who have mastered the art of happiness can prosper and progress. The happy spirit sees no obstacles, is not blinded by gloom, and invokes the strength and ambition that surmounts all difficulties and gains success.”
If you are not a natural positive thinker, how do you begin to develop the ability?

Skipping breakfast? That’s one way to become “hangry”

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One habit that causes bad food choices is skipping meals, particularly breakfast. The human body needs energy and nutrients to start the day, which makes breakfast the most important meal of the day. Don't let your mind overrule your body’s common sense. Experience the bounty of life when you use your brainpower, fueled by breakfast, to make simple yet effective lifestyle changes.

Five great reasons to join an exercise class

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Let’s face it - starting an exercise program for most people is fairly easy. Sticking to an exercise program and making it a part of your everyday routine like brushing your teeth is a totally different story. Just look at the amount of people year after year who start New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight, diet and exercise only to fail in a few weeks time. Joining an exercise class might be a way to keep you on track.

Think public health is a problem in the U.S.?

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I’ve been working as a Community Health Coordinator for a few years now but in two very, very different settings. I worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Andes of Peru and am now with Oasis in St. Louis. While my job with both organizations is to help prevent public health problems, the experiences couldn’t be any more different!

Reading nutrition labels can help with getting nutrients you may need

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The nutrition label is on almost every package of food. Numbers and percentages for calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium and more are listed on the label. What does it all mean to the consumer? How can we use the information on the label to make informed food choices?

Discovering the desire to learn something new

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... Tom had discovered the ukulele tucked away on a shelf in the corner of the musty barn and in that serendipitous moment had discovered within him a desire to make music.
Learning to play a musical instrument not only inspires your creative soul but also is an entertaining way to unwind after a hectic day. What instrument should you play?

Managing your “stuff”

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Safe Today. Healthy Tomorrow. As older Americans we have “stuff” that we carry/have carried through our life cycle. Sometimes it’s family issues, sometimes it’s work issues. No matter what "stuff" you have, are you managing it? In the spirit of this year's Older Americans Month, "Safe Today, Healthy Tomorrow," Oasis member Ruth Jenerson shares her journey on taking control of her "stuff" so she can live a healthy life.

Spring is a great time for a healthy new hobby

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Like the rest of the country, Indiana had a harsh, long winter filled with record-breaking snow from the Polar Vortex. Now spring is here and that bitter weather is a distant memory. Early spring has brought green grass, colorful flowers and a desire to get out of the house. It's time to enjoy outside activities!

Fruit loop throwdown

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When did the recommended daily servings of fruit and vegetables ratchet up to 7-9?  A little team rivalry through BJC HealthCare's latest "Help for your health" could be just the motivation to change my ways.

Quit the sit

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Have you heard the new phrase “quit the sit” or “sitting is the new smoking”? Well, this is big news. The chair is linked to rising rates of obesity and chronic diseases.Here's why you need to keep moving!


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